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  • Great Adventures
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5 Stars Review by Readers’ Favorite

5 Stars Review by Readers’ Favorite

“Welcome to Foxyland: Great Adventures of Little Foxycat by Wald Peterson is a fun and educational children’s story… Along the way, Foxycat learns a great deal about the world around him and goes home full of awe and excitement about all he has done that sunny day…” Anne-Marie Reynolds, “Readers’ Favorite”

Thanks to Anne-Marie Reynolds for honest review and warm words about book, I am deeply moved. bit.ly/1WKII6y 6 October 2015


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1 September 2015
The First Feedback about Foxycat’s Adventures on Amazon

The First Feedback about Foxycat’s Adventures on Amazon

Tiffany Merrit and her little readers liked the story of my adventures. The first review about me on Amazon.

17 August 2015

Welcome to Foxyland

Hi, my name is Foxycat. I am yet a little boy and I have many things to learn in order to grow up. I find everything around me interesting and every day I try to learn something new: why the sun shines or why the wind blows. It appears that there are so very many wonderful and unexplored things around!

In our Foxyland everything around is alive – the lakes and fields, every tree and grass blade. The inhabitants of our small land treat each other and the surrounding nature and things with respect and care. With my Daddy and Mummy I live in a small pleasant house under a big oak tree. We visit our friends, help each other around the house, read interesting books and take sincere joy in every passing day.

An amusing man in a grey jacket and orange beret was our guest recently. He said that his name is Wald Peterson and that he is a children’s writer. He had brushes and paints and many paintings in a big bag hanging on his shoulder. While we all drank tea with Mummy’s delicious pie, Wald asked us about our country and everything around. I even told him about one of my adventures. We had such a good time together that we were sorry to part. Wald liked staying with us so much that he decided to write a book about Foxyland and my adventures. And he promised to be back for new stories, of course.

"While this book is supposed to be for children ages 3-5, I think that it might be a tad long for some three-year-olds because their attention span might not be long enough to sit and listen to someone reading all of the book. You might want to read the book over several days with that young of a grandchild…

The thing that I liked best about this book was learning about the author. He doesn’t have what you would consider a typical training for writing children’s books..."

Nina Lewis, "Grandma Ideas"

Nina Lewis
"...We really enjoyed the language used in this story. It is written very vividly, to go along with the bright illustrations. We also liked that there are chapters inside the book, making it longer than the typical children’s book. Foxycat learns about the forest and the farm along his journey, and as such, the children reading this book learn too..."

Dara Granoff, "Not In Jersey"

Dara Granoff
"I have had the pleasure of reading a fun new book by Wald Peterson…

I love how this book weaves learning into the story. At each stop, Foxycat learns how his items come to be and help with the tasks at hand. As children read the book, they will also learn important details about those places and items as well…

The fun illustrations and dialogue in the book help the story move along as Foxycat gets what his mother needs.  Children will enjoy it…"

Andrea Crawford, “Reading Toward the Stars"

Andrea Crawford

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